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Cheap Bora Bora Accommodation

Whilst most of us would probably admit that our perfect Bora Bora holiday would be one spent in a luxury over water bungalow at one of the glamorous resorts that dot the island, the truth is that many of us have to work within the confines of a less generous budget. But if this is you, donít worry. This Tahitian beauty isnít solely 5 star hotels and exclusive clientele, and itís possible to find accommodation to suit all bank balances.

In fact, although the top end resorts are what Bora Bora is most famous for, the majority of the rooms on the island actually fall within the mid-range price bracket. If you think this might be more your style, there is a large array of places to choose your accommodation from, including some great 2 and 3 Star hotels and some lovely pensions.

If youíre looking for somewhere to stay with a bit of atmosphere and the personal touch, a pension could be just right for your visit. In essence, a pension is a small family run hotel and the main charm of this kind of cheap accommodation, apart from the price, is the homestyle service that their ownerís often lavish on their guests. If you want to see the true Bora Bora, find out about local markets, festivals and interests, and spend some time with warm and friendly French Polynesian islanders, booking rooms in a pension should give you access to such experiences.

The mid-range hotels and motels can be a real bargain, if you choose wisely. Just because they are comparatively cheap, doesnít mean that youíll have an inferior holiday. Bora Bora is a gorgeous slice of tropical paradise and a number of the cheaper hotels have locations to die for along with great service and facilities for the money. However, given the large number of pensions, hotels and motels available, itís fair to say that their quality and amenities can be pretty varied, so check for online recommendations or consult with a reliable travel agent before committing to a booking.

And remember that wherever you stay, the beauty of this fabulous South Pacific island is free to enjoy as soon as you walk out of your front door. The swish resorts might have more luxurious rooms and greater fine dining options, but they donít have the monopoly on all the spectacular beaches, lagoons and reefs that make Bora Bora such a magical holiday destination. Day trips around the island, cruises out to the coral reefs, snorkeling parties, scuba diving sessions and all manner of other recreational activities can be organized with ease no matter where you are staying. If your pension doesnít run trips itself, the owners will know someone who does, or you can talk a quick walk around the town and other hotels to assess other tour companies and excursions.

Bora Bora may have the image of being a rich manís playground – and there is definitely plenty of opportunity to spend some serious money if you want to indulge in a luxury French Polynesian holiday – but it also has loads to offer those on a more modest budget.

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