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For some, Bora Bora's most spectacular views can be found underwater. More than 500 species of marine life teem in the warm, pristine waters of the South Pacific. In the renowned bungalows of Bora Bora, the floors hover just above the calm waters of the lagoon, and glass panels allow a view of multicolored corals and fish right from your bed.

Scuba diving shops with complete rental equipment can arrange diving tours suited to your experience. If you haven't learned to dive before, you can take lessons right in the middle of your island vacation.

Outside the coral reef ring, where the ocean floor drops off, diving adepts will find even larger marine species and the zone with the most stunning corals. The optimum diving season season lasts from April to November.

First stop for diving initiates would be the lagoon area. Many species find shelter here, like the giant manta rays which flock here all year. You'll be entranced by the dance-like waving of their fins. You'll also find marine turtles and migratory whales and dolphins. The lagoon also has deeper trenches, but these are open only to experienced divers.

You can also experience an underwater adventure by donning a diving helmet. One of the diving operators on Bora Bora allow vacationers of all types to experience "diving" though a head dome with clear windows and a hose that provides air. You can have hours of fun with this arrangement.

All diving expeditions are accompanied by a qualified diving expert, who'll take care of your conditions. Scuba guides will accompany you to the most colourful spots and instruct you on safe diving.