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Bora Bora Island
Flights to Bora Bora Island
Transfers to Bora Bora Island
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Bora Bora Transfers

Plane Transfers

The excitement of actually getting to Bora Bora is all part of the glamour and fun of vacationing in this very special part of the world. When you fly in from Australia, your first stop will be Papeete on Tahiti and from there you'll probably change to an Air Tahiti plane which will carry you to the tiny Bora Bora Airport. Because Bora Bora is such popular destination with tourists from all over the world, there are daily flights between Tahiti and Bora Bora from Sunday to Friday and considerably more on Saturday, as this is the busiest changeover day in the resorts and hotels, so catching a flight shouldn't be a problem.

Private Charters

If you are looking for a truly memorable arrival and have some cash to spare, then it is also possible to charter a private helicopter in Papeete, to ensure that you touch down in Bora Bora in style.

Boat Transfers

Bora Bora Airport is actually located just north of the holiday island on a coral islet called Motu Mete (or Motu Mute) and from there you get a boat across to Bora Bora itself. There are a number of options available, including taking the inter-island ferry or hiring a local boat once you leave the airport. In addition to this, most of the luxury Bora Bora resorts have their own private boats that will be waiting for you on arrival, if you let them know your schedule.

However you go, skimming across the warm, crystal waters of the lagoon to Bora Bora is a fantastic way to get a feel of the island and is a wonderful way to start your tropical holiday. In general, it takes less than 30 minutes to get to any resort on the island.

If you are really into boat trips, then you might want to consider taking a ferry all the way from Papeete in Tahiti to Bora Bora. But be warned. We've been told the journey is around 16 hours on a not particularly comfortable boat, so only the hardy or those looking for added adventure should give it serious thought.

Island Hopping

Apart from the regular flights to Bora Bora from Papeete, Air Tahiti runs services to other islands in French Polynesia, so why not take the opportunity to see a few of the other Society Islands whilst you are there?

Another way to get around is via the inter-island ferry service or to charter a local sailor or fisherman to take you to some of the many islets and atolls that are strewn across this slice of the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Cruises

If you feel like island hopping on a grander scale, perhaps you should have a look at some of the Pacific Cruises that regularly ply the seas through French Polynesia. It is possible to book a Paul Gaugin inspired cruise sailing from Tahiti, to Bora Bora and on to Moorea. Alternatively, you can voyage from Noumea and the Yasawa Islands of Fiji over the International Dateline to Aitutaki before finishing up in Bora Bora and Tahiti. For more information on cruises, please see our sister site: