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Bora Bora Island
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Travel Tips

Getting There

Flights to Bora Bora go from most major Australian cities and generally involve flying into the capital neighbouring Tahiti, Papeete, and then taking a short Air Tahiti flight over to the holiday hot spot. Bora Bora Airport is dinky and is to the north of the island on Motu Mete (Motu Mute), so once you’ve landed, you’ll have to catch a boat to wherever you are actually staying. This may sound like a lot of effort, but the stunning scenery along the way more than makes up for the inconvenience of the travel arrangements.

If travelling with regular tourists isn’t really your thing, it is possible to charter a private plane to carry you to your luxury resort. There are a number of private charter companies that offer such flights, some of which ‘recommend’ particular exclusive hotels, others which are wholly independent.

Another option is stopping off at Bora Bora as part of a larger South Pacific cruise. A number of cruise liners heading to Hawaii or Fiji pass through the Society Islands and offer the opportunity to sample its delights, along with gems like Tahiti and Moorea. However, it is best to remember that this will only give you a very limited taste of Bora Bora as it is likely to be just a day excursion to the isle.

When To Go

It’s important to remember that Bora Bora is the archetypal tropical island and so has a tropical climate. This means that she is the proud mistress of both a dry and wet season and this is reflected in a peak and quieter holiday season — and accommodation prices to match.

The summer months of November through to April are wet with periods of high humidity, which can be challenging if you’re used to a more temperate climate. This is when many of the luxury resorts and high class hotels that dot the island’s motu are quietest, so if you’re hoping for a deal, these months are your best bet.

May to October are classed as the dry season, where the temperature sits around 30c, rainfall is comparatively light and the humidity stays within a far more bearable range. Given that this is when the weather is at it’s optimum for romantic getaways and lazing around enjoying the joys of this heaven on earth, it is also the peak season for travel with hotels, exclusive and less extravagant, booking out quickly and charging their highest rates. If you want to visit during this period, it’s best to book well in advance as last minute travel deals don’t come around so often.

Having said all this, Bora Bora is prey to the whims of Mother Nature just like everywhere else and whether you believe in climate change or not, you can get heavy rain during the so-called dry season and beautiful, balmy days, kissed with sunshine and clear skies when you’d normally expect rain.

As with most other holiday plans it is best to do your research before you go and make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Diving in Bora Bora

Polynesia's most spectacular views can be found underwater. More than 500 species of marine life teem in the warm, pristine waters of the South Pacific, which are at a steady average of 26 degrees Celsius from the surface up to 160 feet below. The most popular bungalows in Bora Bora are built just above the calm waters of the lagoon, and glass panels allow a view of multicolored corals and fish right from your bed. Scuba diving shops on the island can arrange tours suited for your level of diving experience.

Beginners will find the lagoon area ideal for meeting species seeking shelter here, like the giant manta ray. Outside the coral reef ring, where the ocean floor drops off, you'll find even larger marine species and the zone of the most stunning corals. Scuba guides will accompany you to the best spots and instruct you on safe diving.

Cyclones are rare in Bora Bora, and the breezy season from June to October is the best time for visiting. The diving season lasts from April to November.