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Water Sports

French Polynesia is a water sport fanatic's fantasy. Its white-beached islands and coral-encrusted atolls dot the startlingly blue and fabulously clear waters of the South Pacific like stars in a cloudless evening sky. The 2 best known of the Leeward Islands, Tahiti and Bora Bora, are world famous for their exotic romance, wonderfully welcoming people and incredible tropical beauty. Paradise really is found! However, if you like to mess about in warm, calm waters, Bora Bora will give you the holiday of your life.

Scuba Diving - Bora Bora's geographical uniqueness makes it a fantastic destination for divers. The island is accessible solely from one pass and as a result it sits majestically in the centre of a tranquil, warm lagoon. The clarity of the water is quite breath taking and even experienced divers, who have visited other notable dive sites around the globe, are amazed by both the visibility, and the staggering variety of fish and corals that can be seen.

If you've never dived before, Bora Bora Lagoon is an ideal place to take your first plunge. The azure waters are both calm and fairly shallow, making them great for even the most tentative adventurer. Once you enter the sparkling ocean the vibrant colours of the coral gardens will blow you away, teeming, as they are, with fish and crustaceans of every shape and size imaginable. You may even be lucky enough to spot one of the famous moray eels.

For the more seasoned scuba enthusiast, the atolls and motu (small islands) provide diving adventures at all levels. It is said that there are more than 500 species of fish swimming in the seas of French Polynesia and after a morning under the water, you'll believe it. Outside of Bora Bora's lagoon it's like a who's who of South Pacific residents - rays, barracuda, tuna, eels, sea turtles, dolphins and sharks swim with smaller, darting reef fish. If you're feeling especially intrepid, trips can be arranged to that will put you face to face with sharks and manta rays. During the autumn months there is also the opportunity to observe the annual migration of humpback whales - a privilege few holiday divers can brag about!

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Whether it's your 1st time diving or your 20th, Bora Bora has dive schools aplenty, all ready to accommodate your needs and dedicated to making your holiday dreams come true. Talk to your resort or hotel and they will happily hook you up with a dive instructor.

Snorkelling - If getting down there with the ocean creatures is a bit much for you, snorkelling is a less strenuous way of enjoying the sea life. Bora Bora lagoon is like a giant tropical aquarium, just waiting for you to skim over and look down. Coral reefs decorate the sea floor and brilliantly coloured fish carry on with their daily lives, totally unconcerned about curious visitors. Indeed, many of the over-water bungalows that Bora Bora is so well known for make the perfect platform from which to set off on a snorkel. Even honeymooners have been known to leave the idyll of their bungalow and drop off the end of their veranda for a snorkel.

Other snorkelling options include taking a jet boat out over the Lagoon and hopping over the side of the boat for a swim at your guide's favourite viewing spot. And if you don't fancy getting wet at all, why not take a leisurely trip on a glass-bottomed boat and watch the crabs, fish and coral dance with a cool drink in your hand?

Deep Sea Fishing - Ever wanted to channel your inner Ernest Hemmingway? Well Tahiti and Bora Bora are the places to do it! The Pacific Ocean is home to dozens of game fish and once outside the calm of the lagoon, the fish get big, lively and smart. It's sports fishing heaven. Try your hand at pulling in a razor-nosed swordfish or a thrashing marlin. Whether you're looking for a mornings outing, a full day's sport, an island hopping trip or to have a go at night fishing, you're resort will be able to hook you up with someone on the island who will take you out to a perfect fishing ground on their sports boat.

Sailing - Whether you're an expert sailor and would like to navigate the pristine waters of French Polynesia yourself, or if you'd just like to lie back and have someone else do all the work whilst you bask on deck, Bora Bora has the boating excursion for you. The sailing options are almost endless - you can join a group trip and float around the lagoon; cruise around the beautiful island, stopping off to snorkel along the way; head into open water and spot dolphins on their way to neighbouring Tahiti or make your honeymoon truly unforgettable by hiring a private yacht to take you and your lover somewhere intimate and magical. All is possible on this South Pacific gem.

Parasailing - The Leeward Islands are a great place to have go at parasailing. Floating 600 feet above Bora Bora's sapphire blue waters, the view of the island and lagoon will take your breath away. If you're on a romantic holiday, like a honeymoon, you can make it extra special by booking a tandem flight. Then the pair of you really will have the world at your feet!